Let us move out of norms for sometime. We have bored ourselves with monotony when it comes to sex. The same moves which your partner can predict even

Love is a difficult concept to define. It is usually referred to as an emotion and has also been described as a behavior. Both are accurate. If you experience the emotion love it goes to reason that you would behave accordingly. Nearly everyone agrees that there are different types of love, as expressed to different people. There is love for a child, parent, sibling, friend, and lover. We will concern ourselves only with love between partners. According to social psychologist Robert Sternberg there are four types of love in relation to partners. The three components to these types of love can be thought of in terms of the points of a triangle to better illustrate.

A more advanced example of this technique is the October Man Sequence. Here, other NLP concepts such as symbolism is combined with fractionation to result in a technique which is reputedly has been getting men from meeting the target to sex in 15 minutes.

Many people project qualities of their ideal mate onto the person that they are getting to know, and then confuse this with having found their soul mate. A projection is an internal ideal, thought process, or state that is attributed to another person. In other words, I know what I want and need my ideal mate to be, and I place these attributes and qualities into another individual. I observe this other person’s behavior and relate it to my ideal. If I do not recognize that there is a projection (and rarely is a projection identified) I then believe I have found my soul mate. Later, when I know the person better, they begin to fall short of my expectations and ideals. Falling short of my expectations they cannot be the ideal, and often the search for my real soul mate begins again. This pattern of disappointment will continue until an individual realizes the reality of projection, and does not give in to the fantasy that they have found their soul mate.

To increase male sex drive, one needs to get to the reason for its reduction in the first place. It may have either physical or psychological causes, or both. A low male libido can be influenced by factors like obesity, depression, drug reaction, hormonal disorders, and certain diseases.

Technique: You can do the leap frog by straddling your man and keep yourself on his pelvis, Keep your hands on his thighs for support. Slide yourself up and down by lifting your lower body. It is a totally different position unlike from the familiar missionary one, where the woman gets to be on the top. This position creates; hi end friction and amazing sensations all along the edge of vagina creating a magical feeling.