I remember hearing years ago from a man I studied with, that he and his wife had an agreement: she was to say "yes" to him every time he wanted sex. I

In light of advice to the contrary, if you decide to enter a relationship, you are working your own program. This is self-will, and this is an addictive behavior.

So if you accept this bargaining component of relationships as true, you may wonder why it is a problem. After all, it exists whether in early recovery or not. The problem arises not due to the bargaining aspect alone. It arises because the bargaining aspect occurs while in early recovery.

Of course, one shouldn’t forget to consult a physician before deciding to take supplements. It is very possible that a serious underlying condition is the cause of one’s loss of libido and that more aggressive treatment might be needed. But if one is generally in the pink of health and just needs a “pick-me-up” to increase male sex drive, then these widely available, affordable and natural dietary supplements will help a man feel as virile as he can possibly be.

Technique: Lie back on the bed and open your legs and get your guy kneeling in front of you. Let him place the back of your knees in the crooks of his elbows and pull you upward so that your back and butt is raised from the bed. Try to use one pillow under your back so that you have to do less and enjoy more pleasure. This style allows a man to keep his balance and due which comes the rhythmic motion which helps in a great orgasm.

Sex does not magically happen. You are stymied by a lack of time and energy and having kids have only caused sex from being erratic to the point of non-existent. You love your spouse and want to keep an intimate connection. However life gets in the way. Sex has turned into a dull routine and you don’t know how to rekindle your connection. Recognise that having a healthy and positive sex life takes effort, and scheduling sex is a part of it.

Go beyond your current sexual boundaries. You didn't have anal sex yet? Try it. You only give your husband oral once a year for his birthday (if he's "lucky") - hell no. If it's like that, you have the wrong attitude. Pleasing your husband should be your number one goal, give and you'll get back. But give, without expecting anything back. Give because you love him and his pleasure is your pleasure. That will make sex a lot more interesting for your husband.